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Social Media

UCLA encourages the use of official social media accounts to tell the university’s stories and participate in conversations around relevant topics. Social media is an important platform for UCLA; when we present a consistent voice and brand aesthetic, we can represent ourselves more effectively. This guide outlines some basics on how to manage social media on behalf of the university. For additional support and guidance, visit

Should I Start a New Channel?

Before launching a new social channel, it’s important to define your goals and determine if and how social media will help reach them. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How can social media help my department or organization meet our goals?
  • Who is our audience, and is social media the appropriate channel to reach them?
  • Do we have the resources for effective content development, execution and moderation on a daily basis?
  • Have social media platforms for your school already been established, and can these existing platforms promote your event or content?

Profile Image

Many people use social media on mobile devices, so keep in mind that your icon will almost always display very small. Official school and department accounts should use their social media profile identity for all square and circular profile photos/icons for readability and consistent branding.

The Samueli School of Engineering social media profile identity
Example of social media profile identity.

To obtain your department or unit’s social media profile identity, contact your unit/department’s Marketing & Communication Director.

Cover Photo

Cover photos, header images, channel art, etc. create a first impression, so choose images that are relevant to your unit/department and your audience. Follow the image specs for each individual platform, and make sure your image is of sufficient resolution. Avoid using text, as it will be cut off on certain screen sizes and devices.

Post Templates

We’ve created social media post templates to help save time and align our brand look and feel. These are designed to Facebook and Twitter specifications for events, contest, and various image/text combinations. Access the .PSD files via the download button below to get started; if you use a different design program or tool, please refer back to the Graphic Elements section of Brand Guidelines to download graphic elements to use in your posts.

Download Social Media Templates (ZIP 11 MB)


Before writing and posting copy on social media, make sure to review the Copy and Editorial as well as Fundamentals sections of Brand Guidelines.

UCLA’s brand voice remains the same in all contexts. However, tone can change and flex depending on audience, and this is especially true on social media.

UCLA’s audience and tone diagram.
This diagram illustrates how our tone can shift depending on audience.

Photos and Videos

Before posting photos on official university social media channels, make sure to review the Imagery section of brand guidelines. We also recommend reviewing the best practices and specs outlined by each social media platform’s own guidelines, keeping in mind requirements for both resolution and dimension.

Before posting videos, make sure to review UCLA’s brand guidelines for video. This section includes video best practices, guidelines for how to use captions, supers and other visual elements, and downloadable assets for you to use.

Code of Conduct

UCLA’s social media channels are an integral of the university brand and they call for a different approach than personal accounts. When you represent the university on social media platforms, it is important to adhere to UCLA’s values and follow UCLA’s principles of community, UC diversity statement, UC statement of ethical values and standards of ethical conduct and all other applicable policies.

Crisis Communications

In the case of an emergency that impacts or involves the campus community, hold off on posting and defer to the Bruins Safe Online for communication updates, reference materials, and instructions. You can follow UCLA BruinAlert Twitter here.

DO NOT POST any crisis-related communications outside of official messages from the UCLA Office of Emergency Management.